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Types of drugs !

Cocaina :

He appeared in: 1860, when it was first extracted from coca leaves.

What is a substance extracted from coca leaves by chemical, using a solvent such as oil or kerosene.

How it looks: the shape of the base is crack, which represents some beige or brown crystals, refined, is a white powder. Cocaine hydrochloride, is derived from coca paste treatment with hydrochloric acid and is often used. Illegal dealers generally dilute pure substance with starch, talcum powder, sugar, procaine or amphetamines. How to eat: sniffed, smoked (crack is smoked in glass tubes), injected. Some combination using cocaine (powder or crack) + heroin, the combination of which is called Speedball and is extremely dangerous. Duration ecstasy: between 15 and 30 minutes. Bliss is followed by a deep depression, the irritability, restlessness, mental fatigue and a greater desire for another dose. What a young man under the influence of cocaine: has dilated pupils, runny nose them, is energetic, euphoric, confident and has no appetite. Short term effects: increased body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, epilepsy, anxiety, amnesia, violence, instability, panic, feeling of persecution, immediately after the dose, headache about an hour, trembling, sensation hot / cold, some days of depression. Long term effects: hepatitis A, B or C, paranoia, or myocardial infarction, abdominal pain, leisure-ing behavior, hallucinations (which may cause acts of self-harm, suicide, murder), physical dependence (40% of problems cause they are psychological cocaine). Like dry rot that eats wood beams of a house, drugs can corrode the entire structure of society. For human society to function properly, it must have stable families, healthy workers, governments trustworthy, honest police and law-abiding citizens. Drugs corrupt each of these basic elements. In addition, they are one of the main causes of crime and violence.

Heroin :

Heroin is a semi-synthetic substance, the derivative of opium, produced for the first time in 1897.

Ii many countries is a major problem for the lead very quickly to physical and psychological dependence. Together with cocaine and often ametamfetaminele underlying criminal acts: break, robbery, theft. The drug is very expensive and unbearable need to continuously administer. Theme is taken in by injection, but can be and inhaled or smoked. Accessories used for injecting heroin include hypodermic needles, small cotton balls for filtration, water and spoons, bottle caps used for liquefaction of heroin. Accessories for inhaling or smoking heroin include razor blades, straws and tubes. It resembles a powder varying in color between brown and white. It is sold in cellophane packages, sheets, balls. A whole family of synthetic drugs are presented as synthetic heroin. The most representative of these is the fentanyl-citrate, also called? White China?, Which is several times more powerful than heroin and caused many casualties among addicts, being used in the same way as heroin.

Amphetamines :

Appeared in: 1930 as a remedy against nasal congestion.

What are the central nervous system of incentives that produce effects similar to those of adrenaline.

How it looks: is in the form of a white powder (amphetamine sulphate) or a liquid with aromatic smell, the color of cognac. Amphetamines from the legal circuit has a purity of 99% and white, those obtained in clandestine laboratories do not exceed 20-30% active substance and their color is to yellow. How to eat: orally (in capsules), sniffed, smoked or injected. Therapeutic dose is about 1.3 tablets per day. They are often used in association with opioids, barbiturates, or alternating with them. What a young man under their influence: energetic, euphoric, with dilated pupils, talkative, alert, confident, superior. Short term effects: severe acne, anxiety, sometimes paranoia or aggression, increase heart rate and blood pressure, migraines. Long term effects: ulcers, blood vessel disorders, psychosis, malnutrition due to lack of appetite, cardiac arrest. Contraceptive pills may affect efficiency.

Ecstasy :

What is : a synthetic psychoactive drug with hallucinogenic properties.

How it looks: white powder or tablets.

How to eat: jack, swallowing.

What a young man under his influence: dilated pupils, high temperature corruption, dezinhibitie, easy to communicate and get in contact with others. Duration ecstasy: three to six hours. Short term effects: hot flashes, dezinhibitie, sometimes nausea, 5-8 hours after, howling your ears, you have insomnia, muscle contractions (difficulty in urination) after 48 hours, depression, morbid thoughts, nightmares. Long term effects: psychological problems, panic, tachycardia, epilepsy, liver damage, heart and brain, irreversible deterioration of brain death caused by hyper-heat (you can dance for hours at a club without even stop to drink less water).

Cannabis :

Other names: Indian hemp, grass, weed, marijuana, hashish (chocolate), kif, ganja, Shang.

When he came: it is mentioned in a treaty dating from the twentieth century botanical BC

What is a plant that looks like tobacco and reached six meters high, pricipalul compound or THC (beta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which has a similar natural chemicals secreted by the brain and acts on the nervous system. How it looks: it presents different forms: marijuana (prepared from dried leaves and flowers), hashish (cannabis resin preparation is mixed with wax, resulting in tablets of different colors, depending on area of origin: Khaki (Morocco), Brown (Lebanon) or black (Afghanistan, the strongest), cannabis oil, a derivative of hashish. How to eat: marijuana and hashish smoke a cigarette that you run a single (joint) or can be eaten (the effect is stronger). Cannabis oil is dripping from each piece of sugar, others prefer to put drops of oil on cigarette 1.2. Odor: pungent. Short term effects: red eyes, relaxation, confusion, dry mouth, increased heart rate, increase visual and auditory sensitivity, joy, fatigue, panic, paranoia, respiratory problems, in combination with CFP (angels dust) can cause hallucinations, coma or death . Long term effects: breathing problems, brain disease or memory loss, personality dedublare, the most sensitive people - hallucinations, feeling persecution, cancer.

Flower Visitor Mac Opioid :

The effects of opioids :

Low doses can induce excitement, happiness, contentment, peace of mind

High doses produce dreaminess and pleasant sleep. Furthermore is the feeling of drowsiness, dizziness, inability to concentrate, apathy and lethargy. Physical response includes slowing the respiratory rate, pupil building, heating the skin, increased sweating, severe constipation and sometimes vomiting. Overdose can lead to shock, coma and death.

Barbiturates :

Were used: since 1900.

What are powerful antidepressants slow the central nervous system.

have sedative and hypnotic effects in strong doses. They are prescribed by doctors for treating insomnia, anxiety and tension. Some of them are used for anesthesia. How it looks: the most commonly used form of capsules produced are red, blue, yellow or white. How to eat: orally or by injection. Duration ecstasy: barbiturates are classified according to duration of effects, as having very short action, short, intermediate and long-term. The very short duration anesthesia produced in one minutes after administration of injection, the short and medium acting act after 15-40 minutes after oral administration and lasts up to six hours. Long acting barbiturates do their effect in an hour and lasts 12 hours. Short term effects: effects similar to drunkenness - dizziness, relaxation or agitation, loss of inhibitions, disorientation, low capacity of articulation of words, weak tremor, rapid pulse, low visual acuity. Barbiturates combined with alcohol or other drugs can cause coma or death. Long term effects: addiction, liver, lung, heart, kidney, bile, abuse can cause convulsions and overdose - death.

Phenciclidine :

In its pure form is a crystalline powder soluble in water rapidly. CFP consumption is associated with a large number of risks and is considered one of the most dangerous drugs. * Consumed in moderate doses, the physical effects of PCP include a slight increase in breathing rate, a more pronounced increase in blood pressure and pulse. Breathing becomes shallow, and may appear a strong perspiration and blushing. Maybe there is a generalized numbness of extremities and tightness. Psychiatric effects include distinct changes of perception, plant scheme, similar to those associated with alcohol intoxication. Use of PCP in adolescence may interfere with hormone production, which depends on the growth and development body and can also interfere with learning processes. * At high doses, falling blood pressure, pulse and breathing frequency. This may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, moves up and down the eyeballs, loss of balance, dizziness. Mental effects at high doses include hallucinations. PCP can cause effects that mimic symptoms of onset of schizophrenia, such as disappointments, emotional turmoil and feeling of coldness. Speech is often confusing and cumbersome. Consumers have reported long-term memory loss, speech difficulties, depression and weight loss. The loss also were observed motricitatii fine coordination and memory short. Were observed and emotional disturbances, CFP with and interacting with other sedative effect of central nervous depression, such as alcohol, benzodiazepide, their use in combination can lead to coma and an accidental overdose.





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