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Rehabilitation :

Rehabilitation of drug addicts requires much patience, understanding and love from those close. Addiction is not a play, is a drama for which we have no words to describe the real one its intensity. Lack of drug producing state of crisis manifested by excessive anxiety, violence, robbery and crime. This is the period of withdrawal which translates medical terms as "the body's response to the sudden absence of the drug that is used. The withdrawal symptoms and their intensity vary depending on the drug administered. The most powerful heroin withdrawal occurs and is manifested by strong tremors, muscle and joint pain, abdominal pain accompanied by state of flu symptoms, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, sweating, anxiety and insomnia acute. Re-drug body return to a state of apparent normalcy and it takes only a few hours. Impression that the drug saves junkie is an illusion cheap. To really get rid of this nightmare drug he needs plenty of will and self, but more help and understanding from those close. Drug addicts return means a lot, is like a baby give it life. A drug addict released from the clutches of hell is born a second time. For dependents, recovery means to return life back. Recovery means to confront himself and accept himself as a worthy human being - without drugs or alcohol. Recovery involves profound changes regarding how to relate to each other and the world around. It means you take responsibility for their own feelings and behavior. The process of recovery requires a great courage of the dependent person and a great help from others.

Think we need to pay more attention to needs felt by the family before, during and after the rehabilitation process of the dependent person. This is not clearly defined as a "problem. Long been consumed energy and money were spent for a single family member, while the rest of the family was sentenced to ignore what they endure every day together with a person with a dependent behavior. We believe that each is sentenced to ignore the terrible feeling of insecurity, confusion, adapt to new situations in which dependents dropped in the dependent behavior.

We hope that those involved together emotionally dependent person in the process, recognize the extent of changes they expected the recovery process of the dependent person. Also I hope they will get help for them as they become aware that they should like to change, and their own feelings as you are aware that shows that dependent person becomes responsible again.

Parents can check if their own children take drugs by a simple test. The package "Screen Test", which can be ordered in pharmacies Sensiblu father can find out if your son or daughter makes use of drugs and what, in just a few minutes. It is anywhere in the saliva or urine and detected more than 10 types of drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamine use, cocaine, opiates or fenciclidinele. "Testing young people could mean a significant reduction of consumers in our country and a very effective means of prevention results in all countries with a high number of consumers," company officials say distributors, which calls to all institutions authorized to participate with interest in stopping drugs. Pharmacists say that there are three types of tests, one is made with the saliva, which discovers and most types of drugs, and two with urine. It takes only 10 minutes to appear on the screen of a drug consumed right colored band. The most expensive cost 112 lei as test detected the presence of several drugs in saliva. We hope that families are aware

Also throughout their involvement in disease dependent person, not as a cause of suffering but as a partner. And also hope that acknowledging their own development needs will be fully involved in the recovery of the family, and will feel a sense of satisfaction, whether dependent persons will find, or not, a new way. .




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