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General information about drugs: :

Drugs are substances artificially created by man, either from plants or by chemical. Regular consumption of drugs leads to the occurrence of respiratory problems and constipation, weight loss and irregular menstruation in women occurs. On the psychic can occur: anxiety, mood changes, paranoia, extreme fatigue, irritability, depression and severe insomnia, restless sleep and having a poor quality. Abusers usually end up in suicide, overdose, heart attack, stroke, renal failure and cirrhosis.

Heroin. It is a strong drug that causes strong feelings of euphoria. It is chemically extracted from morphine. People who use heroin are subjected to a high risk of becoming addicted. Vulnerable to the possibility of consuming heroin are young people who do not know what this drug may follow. Heroin is a kind of powder (powder) and sometimes combined with other substances. Could be injected. The effects of this drug are dramatic. The first effects of mental and dependents that will be rejected by society. Second heroin users will have greater cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Other effects: constipation, sexual disorders, or endocarditis. But also may lead to diminishing sight, to pneumonia, to coma and even death.

Cocaine. It is a pretty powerful drug that can quickly lead to addiction. Is in the form of white crystalline powder. Can be sniffed or, if in liquid form can be injected. It has a quick effect on the body, an effect that lasts up to 20 minutes. And here starts the big problems. After effect, the consumer feels again the need that euphoric mood and wants a new dose. Cocaine effects: nervousness, depression, irrational acts, hallucinations, paranoia, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, brain hemorrhage. I must add that eventually can lead to death. For 15-20 minutes will destroy the euphoria is not worth living. Remember if you are drinking again, you can become addicted and society you live you will reject the man.

Ecstasy. Se prezinta sub forma de tablete sau capsule. Drogul produce senzatii placute, senzatii de fericire si armonie. Acestui drog afecteaza in primul rand creierul.

Marijuana. Marijuana is mixed green, brown or gray in leaves, stems, seeds and dried flowers of the hemp (Cannabis sativa) and looks very finely cut green tobacco. To those who use more marijuana, THC can be found in your body chair after weeks of cessation drug use. All types of marijuana have hallucinogenic effects of low intensity, disturbing brain functions.

Taking into account and drugs - tranquilizers, sedatives, antidepressants - the percentage of Romanians that drugs tested reached 8.6%. Percentages are translated simply - 1,300,000 Romanian tested on their skin which means substances, reveals a report by the NAA. And as the beach of choice is vast, the most used drug is cannabis, at a rate of 1.5%, followed by ecstasy - 0.4%, heroin (- 0.1%, hallucinogens - 0.1%, cocaine in both forms - the basis (or crack) - 0.1%. Cannabis in the whole country, because he smokes or test in all regions of the country, regardless of age. Of course, most fans, aged between 15 and 64 years, are in Bucharest - recording here a consumption rate of 5.6%. The capital is followed by Transylvania - 1.3% and Wallachia, Moldavia, Banat Crisana - 1.1%, 0.9% Dobrogea and Oltenia with 0.06%. The remaining drugs - Ecstasy, heroin, inhalant, amphetamines and cocaine - are tested especially for young people between 15 and 34 years. .




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